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Soul of Athens is an annual project produced by students and faculty members of the Ohio University School of Visual Communications in Athens, Ohio. It is a multimedia project where students get split up into teams and work for an entire semester to produce a single product. Inside each team, there is the content side, who produced the pictures, videos, audio, and written story, and there is the interactive side, who created how the story was going to be presented through the style guide, layout of site, and elements used in the site. The interactive side was also in charge of coding the team’s site. The 2018 students were asked to create an interactive story from subjects in the Athens, Ohio region.


My team came up with the topic of brewing and eventually landed with the subject of a small brewery in Nelsonville, Ohio. This is a story of a family of three that has bonded tightly together over the passion of brewing beer. The Warrens are learning the challenges of running a small brewery business while brewing a family of their own.

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motion graphics


This is a project I created in Adobe After Effects about the creative process. All assets (except the music) were made by myself in Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop. 

 This assignment was given in a motion graphics class in the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University.